Ben Fama 
is the author of Fantasy (UDP, 2015) and Deathwish (Newest York, 2018).He is the editor-in-chief of Wonder Press. 

Chariot Wish
is a poet living in New York City.Their most recent work ‘A New Heaven and a New Earth (2021)’was published by Wonder press

Carolyn Funk
is an artist and writer based in New York City. Her interdisciplinary practice includes photography, moving images, film criticism and creative essays. She is the co-founder of Duelle Films, an artist-run company that produces films, podcasts and critical texts.

Ted Dodsonis the author of An Orange (Pioneer Works/Wonder, 2021) and At The National Monument / Always Today (Pioneer Works, 2016). He works for BOMB and is a former editor of The Poetry Project Newsletter.

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